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Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading and of words in general. She writes short stories, novels, flash fiction, poetry, and she blogs. Dropped Pebbles is Forde's usual writing blog. It features her stories, the supernatural fantasy trilogy, Rise of the Papilion, as well as writing tips and author promotional opportunities. Visit at: Under the pseudonym 'Delia Talent', Forde also hosts the Christian Creative Nexus, where Christian Creatives go to promote their work and find support in the pursuit of their God-given creative calling. Visit at: OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS at both blogs.

3 Questions on Motivation That Can Move Your Story Forward

Looking for a way to get ‘unstuck’? These writing tips might help.

Christian Creative Nexus

A few weeks ago, I met a Christian Creative friend at a local coffee shop. As we settled into the conversation and polished off our Tim Horton’s coffees, she said the words that inspired this post: “I’ve gone back to a story I’ve been writing for years, but I’m stuck! I don’t know what to do.”

I like to coach writers whenever I can, so I was immediately interested in learning more about her problem. Usually, the solution is hidden in the information they share about why they’re stuck or how they got stuck. So, I listened a while and then asked: “What’s your story’s main conflict?”

When she couldn’t give a clear answer, I knew we’d found the answer to her problem. Of course, there are many reasons writers get stuck. But, for her, struggling to define the story’s conflict and, consequently, its impact on her character was a…

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Critique Fear: How to Handle Negative Feedback

This is a great post on the Write for Kids blog on how to handle criticism. Enjoy!

Repost: The Literary Agent: How Does This Work? by Dan Balow

Excellent post for anyone needing information on an agent’s role and why they are important.