Author Interview hosted by Honey Blue Tea

Thanks to Honey Blue Tea: Views and Reviews from the Electric Chair for this author interview! Click here to read it.


Dyane Forde, author and blogger


Speculative Fiction Showcase: Interview with Dyane Forde, author of Berserker (Book 3 of the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy)

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Author Spotlight : Dyane Forde

Thanks to Dianna Gunn for this great interview! Author Spotlight: Dyane Forde.

Author Feature Hosted by Maggie Tideswell

Maggie Tideswell posted my author feature on her blog today, and it came out great! If you want to know why I write fantasy, what it means to me, and my goals in writing my stories, check it out here: Trust me, it’s worth it!


Also, check out Maggie’s author feature on Dropped Pebbles here:

Author Spotlight: Dyane Forde Hosted by Dianna Gunn

Thanks to fellow Canadian author and freelance writer Dianna Gunn for this amazing interview! And she’ll be including a quote from this interview in her upcoming book on, well, quotes taken from the author interviews posted on her blog. Wanna know which one she chose for the book? Well, you have to read the interview and guess!  Click the link to read it! Author Spotlight: Dyane Forde.