Short Stories


When You Call 9-1-1, Make Damn Sure You Do it Right the First Time: The crazy result of a writing exercise. 

The Keeper and The Kept (excerpt): WIP science fiction story

The Cloud-Gatherer’s Tears: chapter excerpt of a WIP anime-inspired story

The Trouble with Rain– Published by From the Well House–a paranormal end of the world tale

The Desert Marker: Part 2- A campfire story event

Sunshine and Lemonade:  A Valentine’s Day Story

Just Desserts:  A Christmas story unlike any other

Nor’easter  -Posted to A Writer’s Gallery in the Selected Writer’s Parlor, Runner-Up in the Storgy writing competition.

Mad Mac- A Comparative Story posted in A Writer’s Gallery

Room to Breathe– prompted by a 12-Hour Challenge

Grandmother- A young woman meets her match

Howlers-Part 1– part 1 of 3 of my zombie story

Give and Take about acceptance and learning to move on

Big Boy(which developed into a serial, lol. Three episodes are written…)

The Place Where All Things End– (A story about death. It moved many people)

Frenzy (A mermaid takes revenge)

Easy Chair– Published by Stories with Pictures


Portfolio: dyegirl – Writing.Com



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