Video Review of The Purple Morrow: 4 Stars

This is really neat: my first video review for The Purple Morrow! Check it out by clicking the link below or see the Amazon page for the transcript here.

The Purple Morrow Video Review


Microreview of Variant (Variant, #1)

My daughter practically eats books, she reads them so fast. I’ve always loved books and, as a kid, I never went anywhere without one in my hand or tucked away somewhere. Nowadays, for fun the two of us will go out for coffee (hot chocolate for her) and snacks and to read. Usually, I read an adult book, but last weekend I decided to use books to connect with my daughter another way, and that’s by reading what she reads. Also, though I’m not actively writing atm, I figured doing this would give me a feel for YA books, as I just may one day give the genre a go. So, we went off to the library and borrowed a ton of books. Variant, by Robison Wells, is one of them.

Here is my microreview:



Thanks for reading! Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on it? Do you read YA? What are your favorites?

New Book Review for Wolf’s Bane

WolfsBane_Cover_2015_smashwords (1)Yes, yes, it has been a while (er, ages) since I’ve posted. It’s possible I might get back to posting more regularly, but for now, I wanted to post this review of Wolf’s Bane because, well, I’m darn proud. 🙂

Here’s the link Enjoy!

Re-Wired – by Greg Dragon (featuring Dyane Forde) for One Breath Books

I interviewed Ned Hayes, author of Sinful Folk, a while back. Months later, I got an email from him with a very interesting offer:  Would I like to contribute to “A book podcast with very quick reviews of books. One Breath for each book…”

Say what?

Well, I gave it a shot and here it is! You can read the full written review here. But if you’d rather be moved and caressed by my lovely voiced (ha!), click on the link below and be transported to the world of Rewired. Oh, and if you’d like me to review your book, contact me for a review exchange. Your book could end up being reviewed in One Breath.


 BOOK REVIEW: The Purple Morrow (Dyane Forde)

A wonderful review of The Purple Morrow by Belinda Hughes. The first review to make me cry…in a most excellent way.

Belinda Y. Hughes: Writing, Editing & Social Media

A masterpiece of paranormal historical fiction, The Purple Morrow, Book One in the Rise of the Papilion (sic) trilogy by Canadian author Dyane Ford, left me breathless, my heart pounding. It passes the Neil Gaiman literary quality litmus test with flying colors. It made a powerful initial impression, remains in my thoughts like a lover throughout the subsequent days and permanently colored the lenses through which I view my world.

If you liked the movies Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Excalibur, you’ll love the Purple Morrow by Dyane Ford. It also has elements of the Celestine Prophecy and Greek mythology. This is the first book of hers that I’ve read and it won’t be the last. It took me two days to complete, but could easily have been three or four had I slowed down and let any distraction beyond the necessities of daily life come between…

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