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Find Your Middle Ground

blogging and life

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon recently with new bloggers. Perhaps, if you are reading this, then you may have noticed as well. There are flurries of Likes one after an other and then a Follow.

I doubt this new generation has superhuman ability to read so quickly… and it makes me wonder if they are actually reading what is posted, or are simply wanting reciprocation, with multiple likes and a follow. Is the goal to accumulate lots of Likes and Followers, regardless of connection with other bloggers?

It makes me think of my adolescence where there was much self doubt and a craving for validation. If I do this for you, you’ll do this for me. If I like you, you must like me. This, of course, is encouraged in all Social Media.

Perhaps this keeps many people in a state of wondering what others think, and being seen…

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Trying Something New: Author Mailing List

Hi everyone! I’m trying something new to better connect with you. Some of you contact me here, others of Facebook and Twitter or Google, but I figured the best way to keep you updated about what’s new is to start an email list. I also figure it is a better way to communicate directly with people. For example, if you’ve read my books and have questions or want to make suggestions, or want to drop a word of support, join up so we can chat. Also, knowing people are signing up will probably motivate me to offer more freebies and discounts, or look into other creative ways to thank you for your support. So, how about it? You game? Click on the link to give it a go. 🙂 Dyane Forde Author Mailing List