About Me

My name is Dyane Forde, and I am a writer, author, and blogger. I write novels, stories, flash fiction, and a little poetry. Welcome to my blog, Dropped Pebbles.


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Why Dropped Pebbles?

A writer’s Voice is powerful and unique. A single word can have unexpected effects, and how we string words together to express our ideas will have different meanings to different people. When we write, we communicate, and by communicating we connect; one word can have a ripple effect, possibly changing others’ ideas, feelings, and attitudes.


My Goal

Dropped Pebbles was created to support writers and to enable our voices to be heard. I also wanted to share the twists and turns of my own writing journey, while posting tips and useful information learned from these experiences.

Lastly, if you’re a writer looking to showcase your work, announce an upcoming project, or would like to be interviewed, contact me via the form or one of the social media links below.



You can find my published books under About Rise of the Papilion, and my stories and essays in Other Writing.  My newest book, Berserker, is available here.




You can also find my alter-ego, Delia Talent, over at the Christian Creative Nexus.

Follow Dropped Pebbles to receive new content. Contact me via the contact form or links below to set up an author interview, book feature, or to announce a book release. 


Find me at:




Twitter: @PurpleMorrow






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