Rise of the Papilion: Berserker (Book III)

“Love…can destroy, it can build, or it can do both at once. One must not underestimate the human bond.’

With the Papilion’s whereabouts unknown, the Shadow continues its plan for Marathana’s destruction. In control of the Northern tribes and supported by allies in the Deep Southernlands, the Shadow prepares Kelen for the transformation into its ultimate weapon, the berserker.

Jeru’s sudden reappearance reveals the presence of a new will at work. Endowed with the Lightbearer’s power, Jeru inspires Marathan’s people and gains the support of unexpected allies. In response, the enemy attacks Jeru where he is most vulnerable, testing his faith in the Lightbearer and the newly formed alliance.

As war for control of the continent breaks, Kelen and Jeru clash one last time. One seeks to destroy, the other to save. The stronger will prevail, and determine Marathana’s ultimate fate.


At last, Jeru and Kelen fates connect, resulting in an epic clash in the Northlands, where the continent’s troubles began. Will evil triumph over good? Or will hope finally claim the day? Find out in the final installment on the Rise of the Papilion trilogy. Look for it at Christmas 2017.


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